The Story of ABT Financial Consultants

In May of 2013, I was asked to give a friend of a family member a tour of the little town where I was living in Spain at the time. The man was visiting the area with his wife on a business trip looking to buy some wine. While showing the travellers around the town we hit it off immediately, and we spent all afternoon speaking about business, the joys of travelling, and how it combines with the responsibility of being a business owner.
He explained to me how he had maintained different small businesses in both the United Kingdom, and in America. His wife had the pleasure of doing the bookkeeping for the businesses and they complained about how hard it was to keep up with all of the different locations without physically being there. We thought that there had to be a way with today’s technology to better link the mobile business owner to his expanding or disperse business. I felt inspired to investigate.
Thus we are starting a new chapter here at ABT Consultants. We started out doing bookkeeping back in 1980 when John R. Folse Sr. bought a small bookkeeping firm in Flagstaff, Az. Since then we have expanded into accounting, and tax preparation, and as the world has changed so must the accountants. What has happened in the last few years in the world of accounting for small businesses can be described as a paradigm shift. The ubiquity of the internet, and the quality of secure tools that are now available online have made the traditional model of bookkeeping become outdated and a technology driven revolution is under way.
This revolution is commonly known as Cloud Accounting, and the future of how business will be done in the 21st century is rapidly being defined.
Don’t get left behind, and call us today.
Chad Folse