Cloud Accounting by ABT

accounts-under-magnifying-glass3Let us take care of the details.
The goal of the cloud accountant is to not only correctly record all of the financial transactions that correspond to your business, but to also find ways to help you run your business better. We will call you at least once a month to have a discussion about your business, and look for ways to solve your problems.
We prefer fixed fees so that there are no surprises for anyone. You can call us anytime and as many times as you need, and never fear that there is ticking time clock that will result in an enormous bill.

Is the cloud new?

Following the trend of the past, recently there have improvements in the capabilities and cost effectiveness of technology. Actively storing information directly on a remote computer via the internet is now more easy, common, and secure than ever before, and this is what cloud accounting is all about. While the basis of the technology that makes cloud computing possible such as the internet, web browsers, and data base driven web sites have been around for years, the way that we are interacting with these technologies is evolving quickly.
New software applications coupled with the prevalence of the internet and smart phones has accustomed us to having information at our fingertips at all times. Now this is much more practical to achieve with accounting and financial data when it is kept and updated directly on-line. What is happening for the small business owner is nothing short of a paradigm shift.

Is the cloud secure?

While it is important to be wary of how and where your private information is stored and how it is transmitted from place to place, we pride ourselves on only working with services in the cloud that provide the same level of security that banks are required to use which gives us a great deal of peace of mind that the data is secured.
Check out our blog for more information on security in the cloud. (link to blog post about cloud security)

What can cloud accounting do for me?

– Reduce costs – Upfront business costs are reduced. No more need to constantly upgrade and update your software. These tasks are handled by the cloud accounting software company.
– Improve business performance -The system and software are always up to date, which gives you real time data via reports and dashboards.
– Less Hassle – Instead of your data being tied to a file stored on a USB drive or your laptop or desktop computer, which can be lost, damaged or crash, you data is always securely saved, and can be accessed by you from anywhere in the world, even your mobile device.
– Easy Access – Instead of access being limited to one person or one site, multiple people can access the data from anywhere in the world all at the same time. This facilitates real time collaboration regardless of physical location.
– Worry Free – No more worrying about making backup copies, you data is always backed up automatically in a secure fashion.

Don’t see what you need?  We can also offer customized packages designed specifically for you.